Oscar RomEro goyeneche

Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in Latin American Research Systems: Perspectives from Deep Transitions

Oscar is a Research Assistant at the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges. His PhD thesis aims to contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by analysing enablers of synergies across the 17th goals. His work is based on Deep Transition Theory, which studies interrelationships between sociotechnical systems to identify enablers of systemic transformation.

Oscar is primarily interested in connecting “nature” with social and technological dynamics to encourage sustainable practices. Secondly, he is interested in developing a framework to analyse interactions between sociotechnical systems. Finally, he aims to contribute to the understanding of scholars’ role in triggering local knowledge which addresses social and environmental goals such as reduction in hunger and land degradation.

Previously, Oscar worked as a Research Fellow with the Science, Policy research Unit (SPRU) at University of Sussex. He developed ways to apply Social Network Analysis to analyse transition processes. This work has included using Social Network Analysis to detect R&D Colombia capabilities that could address or resolve agriculture demands and needs; using Semantic Networks to understand how social movements promote research projects and local policies to conserve and restore ecosystem conditions in Bogota Wetlands; and using big data to analyse Colombian, Mexican and Brazil R&D capabilities to address Sustainable Development Goals in the context of sustainable transition.

Moreover, Oscar has been the driving force in developing the methodology behind the new SDG project, in which he, together with Professor Schot and other partners, uncover the transformative potential of Utrecht University.


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