Workshop “Transnational Cooperation and Competition in European Science and Technology”

The workshop brings together scholars working on history and politics of science and technology in Europe. It will focus on the political, social, economic, organizational and epistemic effects of Europeanization in the field of science and technology. Europeanization is understood in a wider sense as convergence and increasing interconnectedness of science and technology across Europe, including integration efforts in the former Eastern bloc as well as pre-1989 collaboration transcending the so-called Iron Curtain. The workshop will discuss processes of transnational cooperation, networking and integration of research policies at European level shaped scientific practices, knowledge production and technological innovation in the last fifty to sixty years. It will also discuss, however, to what extent European science and technology have been affected by opposing processes of de- Europeanization, nationalizing tendencies and competition between individual European nations. Johan's keynote is entitled: Transforming Public and Private Investments in Science & Technology for Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals – Europe in Perspective


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