Webinar on Transformative Innovation Policy: Opportunities and Challenges for Catalunya

Johan Schot gave a talk The third frame for innovation policy in the post-COVID context as part of a webinar organised by the Generalitat de Catalunya; This event presented the main aspects of the framework of transformative innovation policy defined and promoted by the Consortium for Transformative Innovation Policy (TIPC), which places social and environmental challenges at the heart of public policies and, especially, research and innovation policies.

The objectives of the day were:

  • Present the key concepts of the framework of the TIPC transformative innovation policy,
  • Reflect on the factors that can contribute to systemic transformation and the achievement of sustainable development goals through research and innovation,
  • Present new methodological frameworks to evaluate transformative innovation policies.

The Generalitat de Catalunya is working on updating the Innovation Research Strategy for Smart Specialization in Catalonia (RIS3CAT) for the period 2021-2027. This strategy, co-financed with European funds, has as its main objective to mobilize the efforts of the Catalan research and innovation ecosystem to respond to the great economic, social and environmental challenges of the country and promote more sustainable, inclusive and fair development trajectories.

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