Closing symposium: Verantwoord onderzoek voor duurzame technologische innovatie

Johan Schot and Petra Verhoef (Rathenau Institute) spoke at the closing symposium of the Thinkers Cycle ‘Verantwoord onderzoek voor duurzame technologische innovatie’ focusing on the role of science, technology and innovation (STI) in tackling societal challenges on 23 November. The questions posed were:

  • what should the role of STI in tackling societal challenges be?
  • How can STI be encouraged to fulfill this role well?
  • Should STI policy provide direction?
  • Should scientists and innovators focus on the social impact of their work?

Schot and Verhoef spoke in a general sense about the above theme as well as within the specific case ‘Sustainable agriculture and food’; this was followed by a discussion with a panel of experts and other attendees. Attendees discussed whether and how Flemish STI policy can better contribute to solutions for societal challenges.

For further information about the event please see here


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