World leaders and leading scientific panels such as the IPCC are calling for tremendous investments to achieve a 1,5-degree scenario as defined in the Paris Agreement. However, simply investing ‘more’ will not be sufficient. Instead, we must radically change how we invest to tackle the polycrisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and growing inequality. 

To respond to this challenge, Johan Schot set up the Global Investors Panel, a cohort of 16 trendsetting public and private investors from all over the world. Over the course of 2 years, the Investors Panel collaborated with the Deep Transitions research team to develop new principles, tools and metrics for financing long-term system change and the transition towards sustainability, or what we call: transformative investment.

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AN Investment Philosophy for the Second Deep TRansition

The Transformative Investment Philosophy is the key output of the collaboration between the Global Investors Panel and the Deep Transitions research team.

It is a comprehensive report that combines the theoretical Deep Transitions framework with practical investing insights. By suggesting a new systemic perspective, metrics and actionable principles, it provides investors with the opportunity to experiment with applying Transformative Investment practices within their own strategy and decision-making processes.

Launching Transformative Investment

An online event marked the official launch of the Transformative Investment Philosophy. Members of the Global Investors Panel, the Deep Transitions research team as well as special guests such as Deep Transitions funder James Anderson from Baillie Gifford came together to reflect on the relevance, implications and challenges of Transformative Investment in practice.


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