Professor Johan Schot and, Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) colleague, Professor Steinmueller have had their cutting-edge theory on innovation published. The seminal theory, which led to the creation of the global strategic partnership for innovation – the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium (TIPC), began life in 2015 as a working paper published by SPRU.  The ideas and actions proposed in the paper resonated with many research and innovation agencies around the world, with Professor Schot and his team forging the way to create a new network of policymakers and academics dedicated to this fresh thinking on innovation.

Following a pilot year, the TIPC five year programme began in 2018 to interrogate, develop and expand ways to understand and enact Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP). This involves action-led research; experimentation; evaluation; capacity and skills training across eight member countries from the Global South and North.

Professor Schot reflects: “This paper brings together a lot of thinking and action I have been involved in over the last decades; actually, since the start of my career. It bridges my history, innovation policy and sustainability transitions work. It also combines academic depth with generating research impact and practical action through the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium. In all of these ways, it is a fundamental paper of which I am really proud.”

Professor Schot launching the pilot year of TIPC at SPRU’s 50th Year Conference in 2016

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