Raven, Schot and Berkhout’s paper on ‘Space and Scale in Socio-Technical Transitions’ is the most cited article from amongst those in the field of ‘Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions’ demonstrating the scope and influence of the research. Focusing on the Multi-Level Perspective (MLP) the paper puts forward ‘a second generation, multi-scalar’ version that ‘explicitly incorporates a spatial scale’. It examines ‘insights that might emerge from adopting a second generation MLP to socio-technical systems’ and looks at how ‘dynamics in socio-technical systems are explained not only by interactions between modes of structuration and developments over time, but also by interactions between actors and institutions situated across different levels of spatial scale.’

An extracted of the Raven, Schot and Berkhout’s article can be accessed at:

Space and scale in socio-Technical transitions, Volume 4, Issue, September 2012, Pages 63-78, Raven, Schot and Berkhout

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