The Science and Technology Committee’s Brexit Science and Innovation Summit is meeting to discuss the opportunities for UK science and innovation following the departure from the EU. Also central to the discussion is how to mitigate against the associated risks and how to establish a strategy that aligns with that of the industrial one, to grow and support the British economy.

Johan Schot, Director of the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex is participating in the debate. He argues:

“Debate should not only be about access to European funding and exchange of people but about how to become an exemplar for societal challenge-led research and innovation. This will bring people and collaboration to the UK. Brexit strategy should be about how to build a new research culture and institutional framework for addressing the causes of Brexit not just the consequences. The causes of Brexit, among others, are inequality and failing energy, healthcare, mobility and food systems. The need for experimentation with alternatives is vital to transform our systems of provision. The Brexit strategy should focus on making UK a front runner for sustainability transitions. There is a need for more interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work to address these central challenges.”

The event takes place on Thursday 22 Feburary and can be viewed on Parliament Live.

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