A farewell as SPRU Director – Professor Schot’s leaving lecture

As 2018 draws to a close, so does Professor Johan Schot’s five-year tenure as Director at the Science Policy Research…

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Crafting Stories Of Technology And Progress: Five Considerations

The blog for June was originally published by Professor Schot for the Society of the History of Technology and the…

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Transform Innovation Policy; Transform Our World? Science, Technology & Innovation as a game-changer for the Sustainable Development Goals

This month blog is by Professor Johan Schot for the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium. Johan Schot | MAY 2018 The…

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Innovation and Transformation in China

Following Professor Schot’s Beijing visit for an exploratory workshop, on behalf of the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium, to look at transformative…

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Research and Innovation in a Time of Change

This month’s blog post takes the form of an interview with Professor Schot conducted by the Norwegian publication, Forskningspolitikk. The interviewer…

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A Post-plastic Age by Stealth?

In the 1950s plastics were the future. They still are. The 9 million tons produced since the first plastics revolution…

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Innovation Policy for the Future

Guest Blog from the Nordic Institute for Studies in Innovation, Research & Education following Professor Schot’s keynote ‘Research & Policy Agenda…

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An image of parched earth representing failure of modernity for global social progress.

Social Progress: A Difficult Conversation

We need to talk about Social Progress. We need to understand Social Progress. We need to create Social Progress. No…

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Social Inequality & Brexit: A picture of a pair of hands, one painted with the european flag and one with the union flag.

Brexit: A Sign of Urgent Need to Rethink Social Progress

Brexit indicates the crucial need for far deeper and wider reflection on our global future. Our world requires an urgent…

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