A Post-plastic Age by Stealth?

In the 1950s plastics were the future. They still are. The 9 million tons produced since the first plastics revolution…

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Reflections on why transforming innovation is crucial for Brexit Britain

Article 50 has now been invoked for the UK to leave the EU. The reverberations will shape not only the…

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A World in Deep Transition Urgently Needs Transformative Innovation Policy, By Johan Schot and Ed Steinmueller

Why transforming innovation is crucial for Brexit Britain and beyond   ‘Brexit means Brexit’ falls short of providing a blueprint…

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An image of parched earth representing failure of modernity for global social progress.

Social Progress: A Difficult Conversation

We need to talk about Social Progress. We need to understand Social Progress. We need to create Social Progress. No…

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Social Inequality & Brexit: A picture of a pair of hands, one painted with the european flag and one with the union flag.

Brexit: A Sign of Urgent Need to Rethink Social Progress

Brexit indicates the crucial need for far deeper and wider reflection on our global future. Our world requires an urgent…

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People power and energy transitions: Image of a hand holding a lit bulb.

People Power in a Transitioning Energy System

In the story of how energy is made and used to keep a country functioning, you don’t get a starring…

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