Johan Schot is Professor of Global History and Sustainability Transitions at the Utrecht University Centre for Global Challenges and one of the founders of the Sustainability Transitions research field. Through experimentation, Schot enables policy makers, funders and investors to recognise, implement and evaluate opportunities for system transformation. His two flagship projects are the Transformative Innovation Policy Consortium and the Deep Transitions project. To learn more, browse through Johan Schot’s publications, Twitter, LinkedIn or subscribe to his newsletter.

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Policy, investment and activism for systemic transformation: Potential and barriers of Transformative Innovation Policy and Deep Transitions in Global South contexts.

13th Oct 2023

Shocks, institutional change, and sustainability transitions (2023)

Phil Johnston and Johan Schot
In this newly published article, Philip johnstone and Johan Schot examine the effects of shocks on systems and look at...

Approaches to transformative innovation – cases from the UNECE region

7th Mar 2023

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Johan Schot (2021)
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Transformative Outcomes: assessing and reorienting experimentation with transformative innovation policy

Ghosh, Kivimaa, Ramirez, Schot & Torrens 2021
Abstract The impending climate emergency, the Paris agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) demand significant transformations in economies and societies....

Three Frames for Innovation Policy: R&D, Systems of Innovation and Transformative Change

Johan Schot and W. Edward Steinmueller (2018)
Science, technology and innovation (STI) policy is shaped by persistent framings that arise from historical context. Two established frames are...

Johan Schot's Latest key milestone was launching AN investment philosophy for the second deep transition

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