TIPC Workshop Leads Next Generation of Thinking on STI Policy

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Developing and Enacting Transformative Innovation Policy: A Comparative Study

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Striking a balance between ‘doing all’ and ‘prohibiting all’ in geoengineering research and governance

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Job opportunity to work with me and the TIPC team @MatiasRamirez50 @JoannaChataway @ceobando @chuxdaniels @EdStein51

RT @SPRU: .@SPRU is recruiting a Research Fellow in Energy Futures, to work w Prof Gordon MacKerron & @cesienergy Closes 8 Aug

RT @CarlotaPrzPerez: Electric cars are only cleaner if they can be charged with electricity from renewable sources so less cars is indeed t…

RT @CIEDresearch: New paper on #social #innovation #housing out by @paulakivim and @martiskainen Read it here:

RT @SPRU: Europe's low-carbon transition won't be easy! @innopathsEU maps future pathways (B Sovacool @Johan_Schot L Baker)

Reflecting on interesting week for TIP. Visit to #EU to discuss Transformative Innovation Policy & direction of fut…

RT @SussexUni: Remember why you chose #Sussexuni? Our Chancellor, @TVSanjeev, talks about why #Brighton is such a great place to study! 🎭⚽🌊…

RT @SPRU: Could our approach to chemical weapons help reduce the threat of acid attacks? @RevillJames @Camcleish @alexghionis

RT @TIPConsortium: TIPC evaluation workshop: Multicriteria Mapping, Andy Stirling. Key Qs: options,criteria,non-trade-offables,pessimistic…

RT @TIPConsortium: 2nd day of @SPRU #TIPC workshops. Opening with discussions on developing UN framework for country review & how to incorp…

RT @SussexUniPress: Congratulations to Professor Melissa Leach @IDS_UK, who has made a fellow of the @britishacademy!

RT @SPRU: Book now @UCLlaw_env annual lecture: 'Precaution in the Governance of Technology' - Andy Stirling @SPRU 31/10 London

RT @SPRU: New @TIPConsortium blog from @chuxdaniels @JoannaChataway @rpdbyrne outlining Consortium aims in Pan-Africa workshop

RT @TIPConsortium: @SPRU researchers look at components of research for TIPC 5 year programme. Focus then on Training. Evaluation & experim…

RT @SPRU: New @TIPConsortium blog from @chuxdaniels @JoannaChataway @rpdbyrne outlining Consortium aims in Pan-Africa workshop

Important part of the @SPRU 50th yr was completing the HistoryProject. Today, we're proud to hand the archive to…

RT @adamtickell: We're looking forward to celebrating our graduating students next week #SussexGrad

RT @TIPConsortium: Begin with InnovationPolicy that's Transformative & starts with SDGs #HLPF2017 @UNDP @UNCTADinnovate

RT @SPRU: How will Open Science impact on university/industry collaboration? Paper from @JoannaChataway @RANDEurope

RT @SPRU: .@maria_savona giving keynote at @Globelics 'Innovation in Emerging Economies' workshop, Berlin 13-14 July

Celebrating 10 yrs of #Ugenda with old friends & plotting the future... @marjanminnesma @janrotmans @jgrin1

RT @SPRU: Google ranks @Els_SocialScien Research Policy top innovation journal (Eds Ben Martin @Nightingale_P @maria_savona..)

RT @StefanieLBecker: Interesting article by @Johan_Schot on the types of energy consumers in sustainability #transitions. #climatechange ht…

RT @martiskainen: .@Johan_Schot at #ciedsummer on users in #sustainability #transitions. We need to change rules to change behaviour. #tran

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