Schot Challenges Industry on a Post-plastic Revolution

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Developing and Enacting Transformative Innovation Policy: A Comparative Study

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Research and Innovation in a Time of Change

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RT @JoannaChataway: A very fun gathering of great past and present @SPRU STP MSc students tonight. Many congrats to those of you graduati…

RT @JoannaChataway: Me too and thanks for your participation @SandraBoni4

My son Ivo playing with his band Suit in 10 minutes or so deep in Russia Enjoy if you can

RT @TIPConsortium: TIPC Transformative #Innovation Policy panel with @SPRU @googlemexico @BritishCouncil, @NewtonFund @Conacyt_MX @SussexU

Lots of debate on #plastic and the need for radical change. Don’t tinker with this one, transition to an entirely n…

.@SPRU team @MatiasRamirez50 @ceobando is very happy to continue working with @Colciencias on transformative innova…

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RT @martiskainen: Change comes from people, we need to take this into account in #policy design. @Johan_Schot at #transformativeinnovation

RT @kcedano: ‘Transformation requires “disensus”’, @Johan_Schot at #TransformativeInnovation workshop... couldn’t agree more

Great engagement and high quality debates on possibility for delivering in a transformative innovation policy @SPRU

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Come and hear me speak on #InnovationForTransformation and why the world needs it more than ever...…

RT @PeachJimCo: Inclusive innovation policies through diferent STI policy frames. By Matias Ramirez @SPRU @foroconsultivo @Johan_Schot #tra

RT @DrSimEvans: @richonlyinname On govt's nuclear plans: "​We ​note ​that ​the ​govt appears ​very ​committed to new nuclear…despite the h…

In Mexico City to begin work on #InnovationForTransformation I’m confident that working with our partners…

RT @LSEImpactBlog: PhD students should be taught more about research impact and engagement

Gaan naar Romeo en Julia! Aanrader

RT @MiedemaF: Wetenschap moet verder kijken dan reductionisme en buiten de disciplines om complexe problemen in de echte wereld te begrijpe…

RT @CIEDresearch: Want to catch up with what we have done over the last year? Have a read of the Top 5 @CIEDResearch blogs in 2017. https:/…

RT @MatiasRamirez50: Ocho proyectos piloto de siete regiones de #Colombia hacen parte del programa de mentorías desarrollado por @SPRU y @C

RT @paulakivim: New @CIEDresearch policy brief looks at ways to help the diffusion of #smartmeters in #GreatBritain. #benjaminsovacool @jen

Happy Stefan @s_coolman is directing this great world leading institution and tradition. @wyatt_sally did a great…

RT @SweMFA: Sweden’s new Climate Act enters into force today, 1 January. For the first time, Sweden will have an act stating that each gove…

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